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About Our Association

Welcome to Federal Government Girls College Owerri, Old Girls Association

This great Association started officially in 2012 with very few sisters. We are glad to announce that today we have over 200 registered sisters spanning almost all the sets and still counting.

50thy Anniversary Conference 2023

What We Believe In

Our Mission

The main goal of this vibrant association is to foster unity and maintain a strong relationship among all members.

Change Drivers
Our sisters over the years have brought about noticeable changes in their families, communities and places of business. We therefore, intend to bring this changes in the lives of our fellow sisters through this group.
Industry Movers
Whether food, banking, fashion, corporate etc, we have sisters who are well respected in their places of work and business. Versed in their fields, they provide a presence that is undeniable.
Home Builders
Managing our family and business life has been a major part of our success story as we have over the years perfected the skill and are looking forward to passing it on to younger generation.
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Whatever the field, we are well suited to provide adequate service, friendship and companionship every sister (old girl) desires or deserves.
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Uplifting the image of the African Woman


We do our best to locate, connect, interact, empower and celebrate our sisters everywhere.

However, we know we cannot achieve much without the support and cooperation of all sisters. We thrive on team work and hereby invite you all to be your Sisters’ keeper in your own little ways. Thank You. Yours Sincerely,

Our Team Members


A set of unique and motivated individuals, we strive to bind the group together in love. We have been madated by the group to take the association to the next level of excellence.

Andrew Wills
Web Developer
Alisha Smith
Event Organizer
Robert White
Marketing Head
Sarah George
Sales Manager

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